Wear a Mask

The American people are arguing about something new. You would think there was enough already. The issue this time; facemasks. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, local governments are requiring their use in public places. The scientific community is in agreement. Masks slow the spread of the virus. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization) both concur. It seems only common sense. Cover your mouth and nose, reduce the chance of transmission.

Admittedly, a mask is a bit uncomfortable. Glasses fog, straps slip off ears, and hearing-aids get in the way. It can be a lot to manage. Leave the hearing-aids home. Far better to ask a clerk six times where the pickles are than infect someone. These are small inconveniences, not a threat to civil liberties. Go ahead and brand me an anarchist. I am for the use of masks until the virus is gone.

Every day a new video emerges of someone going ballistic over this issue. We have all seen them.  In one, a woman in a “bebe” t-shirt screams that a mask makes it difficult to breathe. That was ironic. Nobody wants the government to infringe on our freedoms. But, is this the hill to make your stand?  Parking regulations in most cities are far more burdensome. Please, direct your outrage in that direction.

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts threatened to withhold $100 million in federal relief funds from cities and county governments if their offices mandated wearing a mask.

This story is not from The Onion.

Even the couch crew on FOX and Friends want masks.

Masks should not be a partisan issue. Unless those opposed believe the pandemic is fake. President Trump does not wear a mask. He also has made light of the virus on several occasions. Those who are most vocally opposed seem to be his most ardent supporters. There is a direct line between Trump and those unwilling to wear a mask. The problem for the rest of us is we shop in the same stores as they do.

There are also children of those who will not wear a mask to consider. Adults who do not wear one are seldom seen with children who do. I am sure they love their families as much as anyone and believe they are doing the right thing. What if they are wrong?  Our greatest medical minds are struggling to wrap their heads around this virus. There are too many unknowns. It is only prudent to err on the side of caution.

In places where masks are mandatory, compliance is hardly complete. Given the loyalty Trump enjoys from many, now is the time for his leadership. Mr. President, let us see that you are with us ALL. We want to be safe. We want to return to normal. For the benefit of all, PLEASE wear a mask and encourage all Americans to do so. We all want to get back to normal. WEAR A MASK.

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